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What is Application Programming Interface (API)? How do I setup my account to use it?


General Information about the API Application and how to start an account .


Application Programming Interface (API) available with the PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) allow your systems to securely share data across multiple management systems.  API can be used with Student Information Systems (SIS), other learning and course management systems and grade books.  It will allow you to have user, class, and location data flow back and forth from their SIS system to PLE.    

Important Technical Notes

Because the PLE API is based on Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture, it is easy to write, test, implement, and maintain applications.  REST is an architecture that makes use of a number of standards, including HTTP.  In fact, almost any HTTP client in any programming language can be used to interface with API.  

The PLE API package includes the following:

  • Set up processing and administration
  • Integration entry point to PLE
  • Complete technical documentation
  • Initial test environment for 60 days

What's Next

To find out more information about API, please contact PLATO Inside Sales at 800.44.PLATO or  You can also contact your PLATO account manager


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