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How to troubleshoot firewall problems


Configure your firewall to run PLATO Activities.  


Firewall and Router Configuration:

The links below provide information and resources for getting help with firewalls and routers.

Open Ports:

Configure your firewall so that required ports are open; review the PLATO system requirements.

Currently, the following ports must be open for PLE:

  • Port 80 - Standard HTTP port of Web page access
  • Port 443 - Open for HTTPS for an SSL connection (Secure Sockets Layer)

See the user documentation for your firewall for step-by-step instructions on how to configure the firewall so that the ports are open.  The user documentation may be help files, documentation that shipped with your firewall, or online user documentation on your firewall vendor's web site.

If your firewall vendor's user documentation does not provide instructions for opening ports in the firewall, contact your firewall vendor for support. 

MP3 Audio files:

Do NOT block MP3 audio files coming from * If these MP3 audio files are blocked, this will prevent certain lessons from loading (Foundational Math). 

BlackICE: - Note:  IBM Internet Security Systems discontinued support as of 9/29/2008.

Cisco PIX:

Disable Denial of Service Attack checking for any PLATO content sites. 

McAfee Security:

Microsoft - Windows XP:



Find user documentation for Norton/Symantec products
Search Symantec's site or knowledge base for help with Norton Internet Security or other products
What to do if you cannot access a specific web site after installing Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall

Packet Shaping (Packeteer):

Do not prioritize any PLATO traffice; just allow traffic from * to pass through without any checking or prioritizing.


Download SonicWALL documentation
Search SonicWALL's knowledge base for help or contact SonicWall Support


Do NOT scan any traffic from *

Zone Alarm:

Articles about firewalls:

Description of a Personal Firewall
Description of the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall
Microsoft FAQs about Internet firewalls
How to enable or disable Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP



How to get more help

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