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Lesson locks up/freezes while running


Startup software on your workstation may affect workstation performance while running PLATO Products.


Free up system resources by using MSCONFIG to deactivate startup/background programs in Windows XP/Vista:

You may do this by disabling either all or selected startup programs (applications that load when the computer starts up).

To disable all startup programs:


  1. Select Start > Run, then enter msconfig.  Select OK.



  1. To disable all startup programs:

From the General tab, select Selective Startup, and then clear the Load Startup Items checkbox. 

To disable selected startup programs:

Click the Startup tab and review the programs that are currently selected (checked) to start when you start your computer. You may need to search for some of the program names on the Web if they are unfamiliar to you. There are often programs that are running simply to check automatically for software updates.


  1. Uncheck all programs that do not need to start when the computer comes on. This is often everything except your security/antivirus software.
  2. Select OK, then, from the System Configuration dialog box, select Restart.

  3. After you have resolved the original problem, MSCONFIG may be used to reactivate background programs. For more information, go to Activate background programs in Windows XP.

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